CMA – Crossed Martial Arts offers a holistic matial arts concept from the beginner to the fighter. It serves the fitness as well as the real fight. 

Different from the MMA it focusses on the StandUp area. Yet working in all distances.

Target is to make essential elements from the martial arts your own, staying fit and healthy, and implement them successfully in a fight (duel).

Applies: Everyone trains whatever he likes according to his needs!


Basics (Kick & Hit)

The basics for attacking and defending, for coordination, speed, power, endurance and balance. A program which trains equally the responsiveness as well as the actions. It is useful for the beginner as well as for the advanced to sharpen his „weapons“.

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Friendly Sparring

The FriendlySparring is a contact training which brings in different levels FOR | WITH | AGAINST the learned basics with a partner in to action. The combination and application as well as the experience of giving and taking in different distances are in the front.

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Combat Training

The Combat training prepares the fighter for the duel. The intensity will be increased correspondingly. The technical repertoire shall be available under stress.

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Weapons Handling

The handling of different weapons (here mainly sticks) can be trained alone or used as a „training stimulus strenghtener“. It is good for focus and control but also for power. Many aspects from the weapons can be transfered due to transistion to the duel fight.

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Centering Power

Kettlebell and other trainings- and fitness tools – for a functional workout. Strenghten the body center and boosts the explosive power and strenght endurance, which is of great advantage in martials arts.

Yoga – practical training works mainly for the body and leads to mobility and to a tough flexible power. More intensiv work in Yoga can harmonize mind and soul. Yoga is good for structure and regenaration.

A good nutrition for a healthy and powerful body.

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Regularly training for beginners and advanced levels are taking place in small groups and private.


For each area there will be offered an independant program which can be learned according to time and potential. Targets could be becoming a CMA instructor yourself or just deepen your knowledge.


Meeting and inspiration between like-minded …

Start now!

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Jan-Peter Busch
practiced and united
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  • WingTsun
  • Escrima
  • Wing Tai (Protection, Art, Weapons, Kids)
  • Fitness Trainer
  • Kettlebell Advanced Instructor
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